How do I manage my files?

When you open your dashboard, you will be shown your Files page. If you have not uploaded any files yet, this will be empty. All files that you've uploaded will be shown here. Simply click on a file to open it up. See: How do I review my files?

At the top of the list of files, you can search for a file and page through the list. Click the checkbox to the left of the file name to access some actions you can perform.

  • Download will open the downloader, where you can download specific formats.
  • Move allows you to move the file to a user-defined folder.
  • Archive will move the file to a special Archived folder. This is helpful to clear up any clutter you have in your folders.
  • Star will mark the file so it can be returned to easily


Your dashboard comes preconfigured with some default folders.

  • Home is where all files are automatically placed.
  • Starred is a collection of all of the files you have starred
  • Archived contains all of the files you have archived

To create a new folder, click New Folder. A box will pop up prompting you for the name of the folder. Once you do so, the new folder will be added to the list, and you'll be able to move files to it. Note that once you move a file to a user-defined folder, it will no longer appear in the Home folder.

Click the three dots next to a folder to open up its actions menu. You can rename and delete your user-defined folders. Note that deleting a folder does not delete your files. It will however move any files contained within it back to the Home folder.

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